Imagine Me: Living Beyond My Barriers.

October 11-13, 2018

Chicago, Illinois

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1 in 5 women suffer from perinatal depression or anxiety. Black, Hispanic, Native American, and other non-white women suffer disproportionately to white women. Most conferences speak to  and about white women. This conference is different.  If we want women of color to be well, we must talk about, learn from, and work for women of color.  This conference is for us and by us.  


Who should come?

We encourage all Women of Color, Medical Practitioners, Doulas, Midwives, Mental Health Professionals, Case Workers, Researchers, Advocates, and those working with families to attend. 

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What is Perinatal Depression and Anxiety?

The perinatal period is the time that a woman is pregnant and anytime thereafter. Anxiety is the most common mood disorder experienced during this period, even though the image we are most familiar with is postpartum depression. This can happen to any woman. This is about moms and babies - this is about our families.

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Be a Speaker

We are currently taking applications for speaking opportunities.  We want to hear your voice. 

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This is your call to action. Have you wondered what you can do to improve these stats for black women?  Here's a start.


Make it happen.

Get your friends together, pile in a car, jump in a train, catch a flight, or grab your seat on the bus. We don't care how you get here. Just get here. You won't regret it.